Why you should invest Evmos in the summer and autumn of 2022

Ethereum, with its revolutionary smart contracts, the regular contracts but automated by code, not conducted by people, has been developing for seven years. During this time hundreds applications have been released on the Ether network, which have been written for years, tested by hacks, etc. Applications and smart contracts on Ethereum are considered the most reliable in the crypto. This is why they are of great interest. The price of the Ether token rose from a few dollars to $4500 at the best of times. But its Proof of Work consensus is hopelessly outdated, the cost of transactions has become too high, applications are becoming expensive and inconvenient to use.

Cosmos, with its Cosmos SDK, on ​​which any light and fast blockchain can be launched in a short time, using a modern and cheap consensus of confirmation/completion of blocks and transactions Proof of Stake is also developing rapidly. It has its own IBC module for interaction between networks which Ether does not have. However, the Cosmos does not have smart contacts for creating popular Ethereum applications.

Evmos - creates an EVM module that allows anyone to use smart contracts on Cosmos which means that almost all popular and reliable but expensive now and even slow Ethereum applications can be transferred to cheap Cosmos through forks and vast Evmos Grants Program. Such a migration of applications can occur not in seven years of Ether development, but in a year or two, which will give a rapid impetus to increasing the capitalization of not only Evmos, but also Cosmos, as well as all its networks.

While the Evmos token will increase on its market value, as it will serve all these applications and due to Evmos perfect tokenomics, and Evmos stake will bring additional income, every decent new app on Evmos ecosystem will give away its tokens, airdrops, to Evmos stakers for free. Announcements are already being made. And there are many.

The crypto market is falling now. It is deliberately compressed like a spring. Right now is a good entry point into the crypto. Let's do it with Evmos!

You could delegate your Evmos tokens to our validator operator address via Keplr wallet.